Fordham Series in Medieval Studies

Edited by Franklin Harkins and Mary Erler, (both Fordham University)


The Fordham Series in Medieval Studies publishes innovative studies utilizing interdisciplinary methods, especially cross-cultural studies. The series offerings include original studies,translations, multiauthor volumes, and source materials on late antique and medieval culture. Particular foci of the series are: religion, race and gender studies, literary studies, and less-studied fields.


Series Advisory Board:
Franklin Harkins, Fordham University
J. P. Hornbeck, Fordham University
John Kezel, Fordham University
Gyula Klima, Fordham University
Joseph Koterski, S.J., Fordham University
Joseph Lienhard, S.J., Fordham University
Marilyn Oliva, Fordham University
Nicholas Paul, Fordham University
Maureen Tilley, Fordham University
Suzanne Yeager, Fordham University

  1. Europe After Wyclif

    Europe After Wyclif (Hardcover)

    Edited by J. Patrick Hornbeck, II, and Michael Van Dussen
    Price: $55.00
    This volume brings together scholarship that discusses late-medieval religious controversy on a pan-European scale, with particular attention to developments in England, Bohemia, and at the general councils of the fifteenth century. Controversies such as those that developed in England and Bohemia...

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  2. Ecclesiastical Knights

    Ecclesiastical Knights (Hardcover)

    The Military Orders in Castile, 1150-1330 Sam Zeno Conedera, SJ
    Price: $55.00
    “Warrior monks”—the misnomer for the Iberian military orders that emerged on the frontiers of Europe in the twelfth century—have long fascinated general readers and professional historians alike. Proposing “ecclesiastical knights” as a more accurate name and...

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  3. Eddic, Skaldic, and Beyond

    Eddic, Skaldic, and Beyond (Hardcover)

    Poetic Variety in Medieval Iceland and Norway Edited by Martin Chase
    Price: $55.00
    Eddic, Skaldic, and Beyond shines light on traditional divisions of Old Norse–Icelandic poetry and awakens the reader to work that blurs these boundaries. Many of the texts and topics taken up in these enlightening essays have been difficult to...

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  4. Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia

    Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia (Hardcover)

    A Study of Manuscript Transmission and Monastic Culture Felice Lifshitz
    Price: $55.00
    Religious Women in Early Carolingian Francia, a groundbreaking study of the intellectual and monastic culture of the Main Valley during the eighth century, looks closely at a group of manuscripts associated with some of the best-known personalities of the...

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  5. Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars

    Isaac On Jewish and Christian Altars (Hardcover)

    Polemic and Exegesis in Rashi and the Glossa Ordinaria Devorah Schoenfeld
    Price: $60.00
    Devorah Schoenfeld’s new work offers an in-depth examination of two of the most influential Christian and Jewish Bible commentaries of the High Middle Ages. The Glossa Ordinaria and Rashi’s commentary were standard texts for Bible study in the High Middle Ages, and Rashi's influence...

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