Reprint Rights, Excerpts, and Quotations

For permission to quote or excerpt portions (including entire chapters) of Fordham University Press publications for use in other works, including print and non-print formats, in English or translation, please contact: Will Cerbone Editorial Associate.

Please include the title of the material you wish to use, the title and author of the book in which it appears, and the range of pages on which the material appears. Please make note of any art, images, or other figures you wish to include. 

Regarding the work in which the quoted or excerpted material will appear: Please include the work’s title and author (or editor), publisher, expected date of publication, expected price, and the projected print run. Standard licenses grant one-time, nonexclusive, worldwide rights, for the life of one edition including electronic versions of that edition. Please make note of any special terms required (e.g. to include the material in sublicensed or subsidiary editions).